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Dungeonation's News

Posted by Dungeonation - 1 month ago


2022 was a crazy, bittersweet but cool year!

We start off with the release of Pico VS Bear DX early in January:

It's now a year old, and it's a project I am still quite proud of! It wouldn't be the same game without all the help I got for it along the way, so thank you everyone!


In February some friends and I make this silly little Chikn parody.

A concrete direction for Randy Learns History is set around March and progress begins to be made on development!

Flash Forward 2022 happens and a lotta great stuff comes out of it! Portal Defenders: Tower Defense, Last Piece of Cake DX and Sausage Game are just a few highlights of mine!

I become involved with thumbnail upscaling/re-creating around this time as well. Thumbnail upscaling efforts include: PuffballsUnited's entire portalography, Eddsworld's portalography, Bluebaby/Edmund McMillen's portalography, and all the JonBro games.

Then I got graffiti I drew into Stepford's 360 Degrees:


Mid-year sees my involvement in The Life and Death of Boe:

It kinda worked out that one of the original games this collab was based on just had sound effects voiced by Graeme and no music for the scenes, so I just went with that to save time in my entry.

I make a haiku generator over the summer and put it up on my website.

I get a shoutout in The Tank Tribune!

I also celebrate an indeterminate amount of time spent on this website.

Shoot Trip Die comes out, and the obsession begins to set in. My physical and mental health begins to decline around this time too, unrelated to the awesomeness of this game!

The bunnies then assert themselves on Newgrounds.

Speaking of bunnies, I start to make a little vent-art game about bunnies, which is an animal I seem to like. This game becomes Dream Medicine!

Come Autumn I leave the Strobe Interactive team working on the Henry fangame Attacking the Tower, and become Strobe Emeritus.

I also start the collab everyone on the BBS hears about for weeks:


That's right, good ol' Faces of 2022! Which I wrote up about here.

But before that collab comes out, I write some music (including the main theme) for Parallelogram Man, marking the first time Levi and I ever collab!

Somewhere around this time I also got the Steam Deck, which is a pretty awesome device.

Near the end of the year the only real thing of note aside from participating in the Secret Santa is (and it's been talked about a little bit in public) that I start to assist Levi in programming the next Shoot Trip Die update, which I'm still finishing up with him and will come out this year! It's been a huge honor to help make a game I've been passionately obsessed with, and bug reporting for, even better! <3


So how do I feel about this past year, based on the expectations I had for it at the end of 2021?

I want 2022 on NG for me, and for ALL of us, to be even crazier.

...and what did I open this post up unconsciously with? I call that a victory.

2022 is going to be the year of making promised deadlines, I'm CALLING it!! :D

I mean -


I think we're two for two!

So despite this year being the absolute worst for my anxiety and mental health EVER - I'd chalk 2022 up to a success!

I suppose the tradition forming here with these news posts is for me to set new goals for the new year soooo...how do I want 2023 to go?

An obvious goal for myself is to improve my anxiety and such, which unfortunately I haven't been fully on top of yet. Another one is quite random but it just popped into my mind:

I want to accomplish something that makes me emotional.

Not because I'm some beast incapable of feeling things. What I really mean by this is, at least once, I'd like to "outdo" my expectations a bit this year, even if it only makes me a little bit emotional!

I'm using markdown like I'm freakin' GREG HEFFLEY from Diary of A Wimpy Kid all of a sudden, what's up with that?

IN CLOSING! What am I working on so far this year??

Shoot Trip Die and Randy, mostly! I'm also working on a little something for Flash Forward 2023, so hopefully look forward to that! And of course, all the other stuff I've mentioned in previous news posts, you'll hear about 'em in the future eventually!


Ooooh a teaserrrrr! (Very much a WIP)

It just became Friday the 13th as I wrap this post up LOL

EDIT: oh crap!!!


Here's to more stuff, more growth, and holy crap I'll be 23 this year WHAT.

I'll leave you with this exclusive Twitter Circle banger:


Love you all except if I don't love you!

-XOXO Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - December 5th, 2022

Heyo! Been feelin’ a lot of NG love recently and so, sort of akin to the daily drawing tablet giveaway newsposts from Tom, I’m gonna talk about some COOL PEOPLE I think are COOL on Newgrounds, from this year and in general!

Spreadin’ love all over the placeeeeee <3


@Graeme the man. I’ve never had a conversation with you involving games without your palpable passion behind it. You have a ROCKIN’ roster of published indie games under your belt that’s still growing as I write this, and I think you MAKE for a good publisher too. Not to mention your entertaining exploits on YouTube, celebrating and discussing current indie, Newgrounds and the Flashes of yesteryear. If there were more Graemes in the publishing world, indie would be an even better place.

And because you were asking in your bio - the Capra hircus, or Goat, is a domesticated member of the Bovidae family, that make funny sound.


Three-time Legendary Games spot holder, @BoMToons' games just have such GOOD game essence to them, man. Whether they're a challenge or more approachable, there's always distinct fun to take away from them. I've been enjoying Super Chibi Knight on my Steam Deck a ton lately, and I've been sleeping on a few of your games, and I shouldn't be!


One of my favorite musicians on here, a talented programmer and artist that's an absolute blast to work with, legit a one-man-band enigma. A lot of my NG stuff wouldn't be what it is without @CarpetBakery's touch and help, thank you for a hundred years! HHHNNNGGGHHH you are just so awesome duuuudeeeee! VIDEO GAMEZ!

[insert pretty much every song he's made here]


@MisterMantid Your stuff has no business being as good as it is and your pilot is gonna SLAP :D

"We will watch your career with great interest."

Here's their commission info!

AlixBalica & Memorizor

Both artists right up my alley that are just some REAL ones, true buddies. I love talkin' to you guys and seein' you crank out the doodles ever, and you're both at 400 fans and THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE. I'm not gunna take that sitting down! 1K fan milestones WHEN >:(

@AlixBalica @Memorizor



A true voice (haha) of the voice acting community on Newgrounds who has landed some pretty sick roles and will only land sicker ones! Best Pico voice EVER! Your enthusiasm is contagious and it’s always a joy working with and talking to you! @VoicesByCorey


@LeviRamirez Shoot Trip Die has already had a crazy lasting impact on me. I’ll be thinking about it for a long while.

And that's not even CLOSE to everyone I adore, INCLUDING people online who don't have a NG presence! I haven't forgotten about y'all!! In fact ask me to stroke your ego in the comments here or on Twitter and I will <3



-XOXO Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - November 3rd, 2022

So the Faces of 2022 Collab has been out for a bit now - and quirks aside people seemed to like it!

For those out of the loop, the collab is a collection of 105 different disembodied heads of Newgrounds origin, that you can also quiz yourself on to test your NG knowledge. It was inspired by @TomFulp's Faces of 2012, which itself was inspired by @LiLg's entry for the NG 2013 Calendar.

So how did this come about? Well for some reason at the beginning of this year (or maybe earlier?) I noticed that the ten year anniversary of Faces of 2012 was coming up, and thought it'd be cool to do a more modern NG take on it, 10 years later. It being a collab this time around only made sense, too! So June rolls around and I put out a call for entries in the BBS. The thread goes nuts! Keeping track of so many artists was a bit tough (I accidentally had more faces lined up than the 105-face cap I wanted, for a bit!) but there was no trouble getting enough people on board! I also started coding the game around when finished art first started coming in, so that way I wasn't scrambling near the anniversary to get it done...I still ended up scrambling a little anyway but I'm glad I started on that when I did.

In early October I run into a snag! Up until this point I hadn't been targeting the Web for the game while testing, just Windows. But what this meant was, I had to fix things that worked differently in GameMaker web builds! Not a problem - but then I may have accidentally found a bug in GameMaker's web exporter! Which I still wanna report to GameMaker sooner or later. But basically - with all the sprites for all the faces in the collab, for whatever reason if you tried to make an object change to the sprites of certain faces, they would just NOT go to them, and always go to the face preceding it. EVERY time you tried to! I was stumped on this for a while. But thank you to @Spagato for helping and coming up with a workaround for the bug for the time being!! I really appreciate it.

( One of the buggy faces was you, @VoicesByCorey :c )

So the anniversary of '12 comes around and I'm PRETTY much ready - but I thought it'd be funny to also post '22 at the exact same TIME '12 was posted, in addition to the same date. A minor detail, but if I thought if I could finish in time, I'd go for it. When I'm finally able to be at my PC, I work quickly, loosely aiming for that date-time posting window and looking back and forth from GameMaker to the clock. I manage to make it in time for the silly joke!! Manually too, I didn't schedule the game to be auto-posted. As a result of this though, I spent the next day fixing things that I had overlooked in my haste and listening to feedback I was getting. A bit rocky! But it was out! I'm very proud of how it turned out too, I learned a lot of stuff about coding and GameMaker during this project.

So what do I think, now that it's over, that I could have done better?

  • Could've kept track of all the artists a little bit better!
  • I should have started targeting the game for a Web build like, as soon as I started coding it.
  • Made a more PC-friendly control scheme (I had mobile devices in mind)
  • The faces in Study Mode could have linked to where the faces come from! I had everything set up to be able to link to the face artists at least, but just linking to the artists felt weird. And then the anniversary rolled around and I just never did my idea for linking both! Sorry!!!

(I might try to implement those features later down the line but IDK yet!)

All in all I think it was a great learning experience hosting a collab like this and I think it didn't turn out too terribly! Thank you all for playing it, thank you to Tom and LiLg for making the original, and thank you to all the artists who participated!! <3


Haven't talked about it much but this year I've been dealing with stuff that's not fun! I've always struggled with anxiety my whole life, but it's been made way worse with new chronic illness.

Without going into detail, between illness, some life stuff, panic attacks and being on the spectrum, it’s been a detriment to my life and mental health. This has been going on for a while now, even before working on Dream Medicine. Life’s good otherwise, but it sucks really really really bad. Thankfully this illness doesn’t seem like it’ll be forever, there’s an end in sight, but I’m still trying to completely figure out relief from it.

But! In happier news! RANDY LEARNS HISTORY! This is like one of my main projects at the moment and it’s coming along so damn well and I’m having a blast working on it. It’s a lot more art-intensive this time around so I’ve enlisted a group of friends to help me chip away at it! You got Randy fans turned dev team members @Bituin and @Nyaamori, you got @felix-rodent, @idonthaveanamedude and @Misty-Starling09, and the incredibly talented @MisterMantid, who’s working on a cool animated pilot and - just - LOOK at their animation work AAAAAGH!!! LOOK AT IT!! (As well as their pilot concept stuff!)

There’s gonna probably be some “activity center” stuff again but it’s primarily an ADVENTURE GAME this time as I keep saying. The goal is to make an adventure game comprised of everything most people and myself like in the genre, in the Humongous Entertainment control style and aesthetic. I know everyone’s trying to make adventure games that “aren’t frustrating!!!” but I think the mixture of escape room-like clear objectives, and that taste of autonomy the genre can give but without not making progress, will be a nice combination.

And LORE! Randy lore! You won’t wanna miss this!!

I don’t know how long the game will take to play through yet but it’s planned to be longer than Science!


Hmm, what else? Everything else I’ve mentioned in previous news posts that isn’t done yet, I’ve been slowly chipping away at. But nothing really of note there yet! I just know to tell you to expect more games from me in the future as always! Love you all and thanks for reading. :3c

Be well!

-XOXO Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - August 25th, 2022

It’s no surprise that the bunnies of Newgrounds have been popping up (like rabbits) fairly recently, and it’s no surprise why either. You get buckteeth. You wear glasses. (This is a key defining feature of Newgrounds bunnies. See: Me, @Peti, and @STANNco.) Carrots are delicious. You ever had a carrot-flax muffin? Banana-chocolate chip muffins are pretty good too but they’re both just as savory-sweet. It’s Easter the whole year, baby.

Look at this recent account of Peti and I accosting @DemisurgeX, depicted lovingly by @Peti themselves, and tell me this newer Newgrounds trend isn’t exciting.


Oh yeah and I don’t wear pants, just like Winnie the Pooh. Like wearing a friggin’ kilt, bunny wang to the wind, but it’s also like not wearing one, because I’m not. It’s beautiful. This is only a benefit to becoming a NG bunny if you want it to be. This one’s optional.

And riddle me this (“Ruffle me this” works too, autocorrect, believe it or not): My next web game that’s taken forever because of trying to get Flash to do what I want, involves, you guessed it! Bunnies.


It’s almost as if the allure is too great - the characteristics of the bunny or rabbit, irresistible. Pay no attention to the sadness on THAT bun, don’tcha just wanna boop its nose, give it a syringe and squish its chubby lil cheeks?!

We expect this #NGBunnySweep to result in a 23% increase in bunnies across the overall NG population. What’re YOU waiting for? Sprout those ears, raise ‘em high or keep ‘em low so people think your sona is a dog! Buck those teeth! Put some hop in your step!

A possible side effect of this #Sweep, however, should be evident when you think about the bunny’s favorite math subject: Multiplication. (The lack of pants is ALSO for easy access!) I will not be speaking for all NG bunnies of course, but as for me, I might have some A-rated game projects brewing and lemme tell ya: I am READY to TOTALLY alienate my younger-leaning audience whenever I make stuff like that! Can’t soften the carrot’s stiffness! Unless you like…cook it. (10/10 air-tight bunny analogy!)

But hey, if that last paragraph disgusted you, as it should, you still have the FACES OF 2022 COLLAB and DREAM MEDICINE (shown above) to look forward to. And double-hey! That RANDY LEARNS HISTORY thing is going well finally. And it’s an adventure game primarily, this time ‘round!!


NEXT TIME: Who will I have my copious amount of bunny babies with? And more importantly, will the TLC channel reach out?!


-Dungeon XOXO <3



Posted by Dungeonation - June 22nd, 2022

Tomorrow is the 7th anniversary of this account!!

Though, TECHNICALLY around this time would be the 2nd anniversary of being actually ACTIVE on this site.


if we're counting the account I made when I was 12 years old (Yikes), October would be my 10th anniversary on the site.


AAAAND technically

if you count me browsing the site at around 7 years old or so (when I mayyybeeee shouldn't have been??? at least unsupervised???), that puts me at about 14-15 years of my life with this amazing website.


In all seriousness though:

This website, even in just two short years of true activity, has already changed my life for the better. Newgrounds has made me want to be a better person, helped me meet some of the coolest people on the damn planet, and I do not know where I would be creatively without this place. We've only scratched the surface of this NG renaissance <3

I'd keep on gushin' but it's midnight and I ain't no simp.


Better every day!

-xoxo Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - December 29th, 2021


2021 was my busiest year on Newgrounds so far since becoming an actually active user in 2020 - let's talk about it!

January - February

The year starts off strong as the Flash Forward Jam 2021 happens, and a bunch of people make Flash games that run in the Ruffle Flash emulator! Around 50 Flash games come out of it. I'm invited onto the NG Podcast for an episode about the jam, and I timidly appear in the beginning. I wrote a retrospective on this jam here.

This is also where Randy Learns Science is born! It gains a front page box spot, Underdog of The Week and loads of fanart in amounts I hadn't seen before for my work.


A sequel to Randy Learns Science is already planned, Randy Learns History. So as to not just repeat the same formula verbatim of the previous game with nothing new to offer, it's put on the backburner until ideas accumulate (which they do). I also make DA RATS for...reasons.

My brother @PinkTopHat joins Newgrounds, and never stops being weirded out by my obsession with the site.

As Pico Day 2021 looms, an idea I had previously to remake Pico VS Bear and make it play more like Pico's School resurfaces. I end up going with this idea, expecting to make the deadline (hahahahahahaha). Despite having been on the NG Podcast by this point, this is where I truly meet @VoicesByCorey as he offers his voice for, at the time, short Pico quips. It was Corey who suggested I take it further than this however, and have every piece of dialog voice acted. This honestly benefitted the project the most, and took it from a quick Pico Day jam entry thing to something I actually wanted to take my time on, and Corey was and still is seriously motivating, supportive, and helpful during development. Thanks duuuuuude!!

At the time of writing this, the game isn't out yet but is in the SERIOUS home stretch.


The Strobe Interactive team puts out the first real teaser for our Henry Stickmin fangame, Attacking the Tower! The hype truly begins, after the project's inception in 2020 and talks about it to few in hushed tones.

I joined the team in late 2020 but that doesn't mean I'm not going to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the fangame's inception in April 2021 with everyone.


Summer approaches and my focus on projects begins to dwindle in what I would later call my "most unproductive summer ever". Pico VS Bear DX is clearly not going to make Pico Day and I announce such publicly, though a lot of other game devs also can't make it, which makes me feel a bit better (and promptly makes the game take the rest of the year to make 'cuz there's no rush anymore).

Randy makes a surprise appearance in the Pico Day wall art by @Slyvern, which is still one of the coolest things of this past year!!

Needing more involved audio control in Flash with Pico VS Bear DX causes me to learn about how much Flash sucks at audio. @PsychoGoldfish helps and ensures that the game's voice acting actually happens in the game as planned like the badass he is.

After posting about PVBDX on TikTok I learn that Corey is fairly TikTok famous, and after duet-ing me I end up racking up what ends up to be 700 followers there, just from being duet-ed. This record would be surpassed later in the year however (spoilers!!!)...


I make a short, snappy "commercial"-esque video about NG called "What is Newgrounds?". Most of the Friday Night Funkin' team retweets it and it becomes my most popular tweet as of 2021.

Face It! has a 3x3 mode begin to be worked on to replace the stupid Crazy mode. Still gotta finish this.


I also get this printed on a mousepad for a Boy Scouts fundraiser. I never answer for this, and that's probably never going to be okay. :P



The Summer Animation Jams begin and for the Saturday Morning Newgrounds round, I make a bumper to be shown in-between entries, so people know Randy is still a thing.

I start using Duolingo for my Japanese studies waaaay too intensely for about a solid month, and then stop doing it daily.

The Hell Out II is tinkered with! And promptly goes nowhere. Maybe someday...


This is also around the time when I decide I'll remake all of the art in Buddinpals as part of my Quality of Life update, basically the definitive version of my first (buggy and unfun) Steam game.


Coinciding with the 1 year anniversary of The Henry Stickmin Collection, our team releases a Gameplay Trailer of sorts for the Attacking the Tower fangame - the video garners a million views! A Late 2021 release is promised.


"What's cookin' good lookin'?" is started on Stickmin Twitter after I respond to a tweet about the character I voice in the fangame.

Shelves are put up above my workspace! There's still probably gonna be a lot more cool stuff to put there in the future, but it'll get there.


My Scratch to GameMaker converter project Graze gets a GitHub!

Buddinpals and Randy Learns History are worked on absolutely not at all around this time. :(

I rip sprites from my own Flash game, Randy Learns Science, for some reason.


The NG API gets Scratch game support and I offer to help bring @BioPlant's Henry fangame Surviving the Snowstorm to NG with Medals. StS becomes my best performing NG game in 2021, with a Daily 2nd and Weekly 5th under its belt!

Attacking the Tower's Late 2021 release window does not become feasible anymore, and release is pushed to 2022.

BioPlant, @Kejayco and I start making something for the NG List Jam which would become Pistol for President, and we completely miss the jam deadline. There's a theme here with deadlines this year...


I turn 21 and the alcohol consumption begins...joy! I get a crap ton of birthday art, which I was not expecting at all.

BioPlant officially joins the Strobe Interactive team around this time, too!

I obtain 1,000 followers both on Newgrounds and Twitter, and end up feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

I also make an improved NG API wrapper for GameMaker Studio 2, which is now linked to from the Newgrounds.io website! It's first used in Pistol for President and then used in stuff like Pengu Saves Christmas later on.

Gaming Channel, someone who's been weirding the Strobe team out a bit already at this point (and has two account attempts here on NG deleted now), latches onto Pistol for President as if he owns it, and declares the game to be a part of UNICEF. Whaaaaaaat.

After being brought on as programmer for the full version of NG ZERO HOUR by @ThatJohnnyGuy, I leave the team after I can't focus on it fully anymore. Oops.


The Twitter account facts_indie interviews me with questions people sent in.

Pico VS Bear DX is promised for this month in @XcorpzTheAlien's Xcorpz Direct, which goes on to be the last missed deadline of the year! HOORAY!! The curse is...broken??

I join @Megacharlie's project OpenFlash, with the end goal being to make an open-source alternative to Adobe Flash/Animate as a Flash authoring tool!

My family and I get a puppy! Her name is Suki and this is how big she is as a puppy, so she's gon' be hyuuuuge.


I delete my personal Facebook and Instagram to disconnect myself from the Metaverse.

I also: Threaten to become a VTuber.

Talk of Flash Forward 2022 begins...


@CarpetBakery joins the PVBDX dev team to overall just help me finish this dang thinggggg. X_X

I obsess over the fun and comradery of Tankmas ADVENTure again as the daily Tom newsposts return for the Drawing Tablet Giveaway. I make it my goal to congratulate everyone who gets a tablet this year as winners are announced.

I notice an immense coincidence between the OCs of me and @yourrealcruise.

A kid does a double-take at my Newgrounds shirt, which concerns me. Slightly.

Tom bumps a thread about the inflation fetish from 2015 in the BBS, unprovoked. Excellence.

I recommend my casting for Darnell in PVBDX, my friend @Rad, to @Luis as he looks for voice work for a Pico-based animation. The animation gets Daily 1st. Mwahahahahaaaaaaaa!! >:D

For Christmas, my brother gets me the most obscure reference I've ever received on a gift. High fives if you get it!


What a crazy year it's been.

So as we close the book on 2021, I have but one new years resolution. I want 2022 on NG for me, and for ALL of us, to be even crazier. Makin' more stuff, more collabs, and MAKING DEADLINES! We've all been guilty of it this past year, and 2022 is going to be the year of making promised deadlines, I'm CALLING it!! :D

THANK YOU to EVERYONE I know and have met through Newgrounds either this year or ever, and another huge thank you to all of the NG team and Innersloth team for being awesome to know and to talk to!! You know who you are!!!

Thanks to Tom Fulp as well, of course, and EVERYONE who follows me online!! Yes, even YOU!

2022 gonna ROOOOOCK!!!!

-XOXO Dungeon <3



Posted by Dungeonation - October 7th, 2021

I turned 21 today! My first alcoholic drink is gonna be a Mike’s Hard Lemonade (‘cuz I like lemonade already anyway).

Pistol for President with @Kejayco and @BioPlant coming very soon, and PVBDX shortly after! <3




Posted by Dungeonation - August 16th, 2021

This summer has probably been my most unproductive ever, in terms of my hobby work and collabs. I dunno what the cause of that was but I didn't do as much dev on a regular basis as I usually do and just went silent on NG, lol. But now that I'm gettin' outta that rut, I feel I can make another news post of where crazy ol' me is at:

My Scratch to GameMaker converter Graze is on GitHub!

Far from completion, my own lil' Ruffle-type project (though it's not really an emulator) has been put up on GitHub so I can open it up to contribution from Python devs and testers, and to manage production of it better. We're still in the early stages of adding code conversion and I need to de-YandereDev my code and sort it into functions. But other than that, this'll be exciting to come to fruition even if I'm just chipping away at it on the sidelines!

Check it out here!


I need to draw and code the final boss, it's just been tedious adding in all the spoken dialog (but HUGE thanks to @PsychoGoldfish for helping me get Flash's finnicky audio controlling working for that) but we're getting there! I don't wanna say this month JUST yet just in case but it's gonna be very, very soon. It's a short game (slightly more extended than the original) but hopefully worth the wait!


Attacking the Tower

The Strobe Interactive team recently posted the gameplay trailer for our Henry Stickmin fangame Attacking the Tower and it's broken 100K views on YouTube already!

I like making stuff okay?!?! <3

A soft goal of mine after most of these projects are done is to pump out stuff at the rate that @Stepford does, even just a little bit. Since I'm a project fiend as you can see, that's just...the dream :P

Very admirable!

First up will prolly be Pico VS Bear DX with another @VoicesByCorey credit as Pico!! STAY TUNED!!!

-Dungeon XOXO



Posted by Dungeonation - May 1st, 2021

Happy Pico Day, all!!

I’m not gonna be the only one, but my Pico Day game, a remake of Pico Vs Bear, isn’t gonna be posted today. I estimated last night that if I crunched and pulled an all nighter, I could probably finish the last two bosses (without polish) leaving voice acting and sound effect implementation, and the ending to do. And I wouldn’t be able to work on it today until tonight. But with how cool this is turning out I don’t really wanna rush for less than what I have planned.

As Miyamoto totally said...”Thou shalt not treat Pico Day like a game jam if you’re making something that people would appreciate not being rushed.”

Here’s a GIF of the first boss which IS done though, and actually pretty damn solid. :D


You can also thank my brother @PinkTopHat for suggesting (and drawing for it) the idea to have you be able to take Bear’s shotgun after beating him and being able to switch between both guns which function differently. I guess playing those dang FPS games are good for something in casual Flash game dev!

Also, If you’re a Newgrounds supporter, you can check the supporter party forum and play up to the first boss for now if you’d like!

But enough about that. There are some other Pico Day things to talk about here, namely this cool surprise from the current NG wall art by @Slyvern:


“Look mom, who is also a Randy - I’m on the Newgrounds!”

Finally, whenever @milkbarjack’s game Pico Clicker goes up, one of the Pico faces in that collab was drawn by me, keep ya eyes peeled for it while playing!

Can’t wait to share the hard work of everyone on the PICO VS BEAR DX team, and THANK YOU to everyone for getting everything in to me before Pico Day, lol. I’ll repay your timing with a belated Pico Day game. X_X

-XOXO Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - March 28th, 2021


If you know me well enough now you know I usually have multiple projects going at once, because this is what I do in my free time and I'm insane. Well, here's your next update on how all that stuff o' mine is going!


It was too much fun. I'm (leisurely) making another Randy Learns... game. Not much else to report yet as it's early in dev.


Pico Game Remake?

Makin' something Pico-related for Pico Day with @BillPremo, @Dylz49 and @VoicesByCorey (@TomFulp helped with something specific for it too). I will say it's a remake of an old Pico game. Will reveal what it is when it's posted, probably on Pico Day! If I miss the deadline for Pico Day it's ok, still gonna post it 'cuz it's coming out freakin' amazingly. I'm doing music for it as well and JohnnyGuy let me use one of his songs for it too!


GRAZE (Scratch to GameMaker conversion tool)

Sprites and Sounds of the Scratch project carry over perfectly now with vector sprites next to figure out. Next up is the biggest hurdle, CODE. I want the games to function in GameMaker as close as possible to the original Scratch versions, and support as many Scratch functions as possible. This is why I'm not rushing this, I wanna get it right. The games start up the same in both engines now though at least:


Variables aren't displayed on screen yet as you can see, and there's no game code beyond that so far either. The way Scratch project JSONs are structured for code is kinda weird but once I figure it out, a lot of basic Scratch functions will be quickly supported and then maybe I can start to open up the tool for testing!

Also I said before the tool targets Scratch 2.0 project files since that's what I'm familiar with having taken apart, but I think I'll be able to support Scratch 3.0 files eventually too.

Also don't ask why my test Scratch project's a ripoff I did when I was younger of the One Line Tetris gag from :the game: - It's got enough basic Scratch functions to target for now.

That's all from me for now! Yes, I still think I'm insane for all this. But everyone needs a hobby!

Keep bein' awesome, all you other creatives here!

-XOXO Dungeon