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Attacking the Tower - A Henry Stickmin love letter

Posted by Dungeonation - November 24th, 2020

iu_199390_5431202.jpgYo whassup! I have Newgrounds Supporter status now, which was a matter of time considering how much Newgrounds means to me. BUT! To the point of this news post, which the organizer of this collaboration Kejayco has ALSO made a Newgrounds post about.

Attacking the Tower is an upcoming fangame to the Henry Stickmin series by PuffballsUnited, and started a new creative team Strobe Interactive (though what else we will make together, nobody knows). The two main founders of the team are Kejayco (realjellybean) and Argus, two Innersloth Discord server moderators and overall cool people. Also on the team are Tomás FerrerLegoboy95bateBANE, and tandi!

I'm the programmer on the project, as well as helping with writing, original music and other stuff. It's a Flash game like the actual games and the art/animation style is trying to be faithful to the Henry Stickmin Collection style (and in my eyes, succeeding). Medals, Bios, a Map and quick-time events are confirmed. References are a given, and no we're not confirming any returning characters yet. It takes place between StD and ItA though it's ENTIRELY NON-CANON.

Hmmm, what else? We can promise at least one kinda-innovation in the Henry gameplay style, quite a few surprises and the game being around the size of Infiltrating the Airship. We're pretty much finished with writing it all and now are moving on to background work and animation and crap.

When can we expect it to release? 2021, probably. *le shrug*

But what I'm trying to say with this fat wall o' text is that you do NOT wanna miss this, as far as a faithful fangame and a love letter to the series and to almost Flash games in general, this is the real deal! I'm super excited to be a part of such a talented team and you're gonna love this. PuffballsUnited also gave us his blessing for the project after seeing some of it, so we cannot thank him enough for the support.

You can find us on the AtT GameJolt page I made and the official AtT Discord Server as well.

And before ya go, recently I released a cute lil' puzzle game to Newgrounds called Face It! that I used one of Kejayco's songs for, and as a sort-of side thing to Attacking the Tower, I made the Stickmin Creator for making your own Henry Stickmin OCs.





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Poggers. I'll be keeping an eye on this project.

i aw this on Discord and Gamejolt And I love it

Happy to hear!

@EliTheEpic @Dungeonation btw on discord im Charles Calvin Charles calvin#5384


This sounds like it's going to be AWESOME!

It's gonna be :D

Cool fanart. I can't wait for the game to come out and from this fanart, it seems we are gonna get another game about stealing a jewel

pog moment

Man, I am excited, it is going to run on ruffle?
Because an Flash game on 2021 looks kinda unreal

Once Ruffle supports ActionScript 3 it will run on Ruffle. For now it’ll just be in newgrounds player

@GotDamnitWegra why

@P-Medeiros because i hate the henry stickmin fanbase

@GotDamnitWegra but like, this is being done with love, and it is being done by good persons, turst on it, it will be good

@GotDamnitWegra but like, this is being done with love, and it is being done by good persons, turst on it, it will be good

@P-Medeiros i hate all of the spam reviews and all of the cringe

I will acknowledge the cringe section of it, yes

@GotDamnitWegra don't worry, this ones aren't from the cringe part of it

I can't wait for this to come!!!!! :D

Well, Technically You DID confirm A Returning Character, Henry Stickmin!