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Posted by Dungeonation - 2 weeks ago


If you know me well enough now you know I usually have multiple projects going at once, because this is what I do in my free time and I'm insane. Well, here's your next update on how all that stuff o' mine is going!


It was too much fun. I'm (leisurely) making another Randy Learns... game. Not much else to report yet as it's early in dev.


Buddinpals Full Release (+ iOS / Android)

Got put on the backburner a little bit but soon I'll be updating the game on Steam, raising the price a bit and loaning a friend's MacBook so I can port the game to the App Stores. Didn't intend for this game to be in somewhat early access when I first put it up but oh well.

I'll also get to post the trailer @Megacharlie animated a portion of!



I'm the eccentric programmer of @JohnnyGuy's awesome project now! Episode 1 of the game's going well in the code department and once that's posted we'll be updating the game periodically with new episodes until we have the full game. ALSO WE STILL NEED PIXEL ARTISTS! A lot of assets from the Demo have had to be re-done for this full version of the game - if you're good with pixel art / animation, have Discord and think you can bang out some of the stuff needed for this game please DM JohnnyGuy with your work!! Godspeed!

Pico Game Remake?

Makin' something Pico-related for Pico Day with @BillPremo, @Dylz49 and @VoicesByCorey (@TomFulp helped with something specific for it too). I will say it's a remake of an old Pico game. Will reveal what it is when it's posted, probably on Pico Day! If I miss the deadline for Pico Day it's ok, still gonna post it 'cuz it's coming out freakin' amazingly. I'm doing music for it as well and JohnnyGuy let me use one of his songs for it too!


GRAZE (Scratch to GameMaker conversion tool)

Sprites and Sounds of the Scratch project carry over perfectly now with vector sprites next to figure out. Next up is the biggest hurdle, CODE. I want the games to function in GameMaker as close as possible to the original Scratch versions, and support as many Scratch functions as possible. This is why I'm not rushing this, I wanna get it right. The games start up the same in both engines now though at least:


Variables aren't displayed on screen yet as you can see, and there's no game code beyond that so far either. The way Scratch project JSONs are structured for code is kinda weird but once I figure it out, a lot of basic Scratch functions will be quickly supported and then maybe I can start to open up the tool for testing!

Also I said before the tool targets Scratch 2.0 project files since that's what I'm familiar with having taken apart, but I think I'll be able to support Scratch 3.0 files eventually too.

Also don't ask why my test Scratch project's a ripoff I did when I was younger of the One Line Tetris gag from :the game: - It's got enough basic Scratch functions to target for now.

Randy Soundtrack on iTunes / Spotify / Bandcamp

Just gotta make one or two funky bonus remix tracks for it and commission album art for it maybe. Stay tuned!

Newgrounds-based, Jackbox-style game?

Ever since I got the NG Flash API's Save Data functionality to work for me I've thought about making a Jackbox-style web game with it, y'know, as you do. This one's just a thought right now but I'd love to do something like this eventually, if I can get multiple users to access one private save data file effectively. My idea for it involves collaboration with other players and making crude jokes and it'll also prolly be NG themed.

Royal Ransack

My family and I tried to do a kickstarter for a card game we designed, just as the start of lockdown in 2020 happened to happen - it didn't go well. Trying to figure out how to properly get this thing off the ground so people can buy and play it, lol. It's a fun game. If anyone has any suggestions for getting it published or kickstarted please let me know!


That's all from me for now! Yes, I still think I'm insane for all this. But everyone needs a hobby!

Keep bein' awesome, all you other creatives here!

-XOXO Dungeon



Posted by Dungeonation - 1 month ago

Flash Forward 2021 has come and gone (and seems like it'll be an annual thing) and BOY has it been the coolest thing I've ever been a part of! To all 51 entries to the jam (50 not counting mine), you all did an amazing job!! I still have to play a few more of them but what a turnout! I literally just came off of being a guest on the Newgrounds Podcast and having Wawa for dinner, but I wanted to pen my thoughts on the whole thing.

I pitched the Flash Forward jam to Tom after seeing the "Welp flash is dead for good, Newgrounds will die with it probably" posts on social media begin to set in. And although they didn't last long, It still kinda got to me a little bit. Plus, Ruffle was getting good enough to emulate most flash games coded in ActionScript 2! So after a shower I was like "I'm gonna just do it. I'm gonna get a prize pool going and pitch the jam idea to Tom". Originally the jam was called the "Flash Isn't Dead Jam" but after some back and forth and Tom liking the idea, the Flash Forward Jam was born!

Shortly after the greenlight I wanted the excuse to make a flash game too, so I went with the idea I had for a while, a faux operating system environment with some evil kids edutainment game or whatever. And that became Randy Learns Science! My first game with a crap ton of fanart flowing in shortly after release, which was new to me.

Originally my idea for an entry to the jam was one where it was like the game ROM CHECK FAIL, but Newgrounds themed. Mike from Ruffle's dev team would have messed somethin' up with the big fat machinery in the game's story, and suddenly all the Flash games got mixed together, oh noooo! Though, I didn't really know which NG game mechanics would have blended well together.

The first jam game to be completed to my knowledge that got frontpaged was Type Help, the text adventure...engine? I wanna finish the adventure it comes with eventually.

Then came Drop Cannon shortly before the flood of deadline-making entries including mine. I was hyped for this one, I mean, a new Tom Fulp web game?! I didn't care what it would be, it would just be amazing when it came out, I knew. And I did end up enjoying it on release, playing it with a huge grin on my face. It definitely feels like a Newgrounds/Nitrome hybrid.

Another notable entry for me was I'm Outta Here by @TheCarpetBaker - The Riddle Transfer feel to it was off the charts, and feels like what Strobe Interactive and I wanna do with our Henry Stickmin fangame Attacking the Tower, just pure attention to the source material. Only got stuck on one puzzle for a bit, can reccomend!

Cat Burglar by @starBlinky was a fun time, played that one mostly on my phone. Got the addictiveness of those kinda games down, 'cuz I didn't stop until I beat the game.

@matt-likes-swords of EBF fame got in on the Flashy goodness too, which was cool to see! Though I still have to play their entry Bullet Heaven 3.

The most ambitious entry had to be Roguebot Rumble by @PsychoGoldfish and friends. They tried to cram as much into the game before the deadline as possible and crunched for it too. And in the end Ruffle's mileage varied for people playing the game and it was switched over to Newgrounds Player. Ruffle will run games like it better as it is developed, but it's still sad to see that after their hard work on the game.

I could go over all the rest of the entries to the jam, but I'd be here all night.

What came after the jam though, and that just happened today, was my guest appearance on @TheNewgroundsPodcast! Man. I had never been on a podcast before and I was admittedly nervous before heading on to chat about the jam and my entry. It didn't help that there was an influx of big NG names on this particular episode, with Tom Fulp, Jeff, and the other devs they brought on. Even with mental preparation days before, I STILL got on the recording sounding like I was spontaneously brought to the stage from the audience on the Ellen show. People afterward commended me for staying cool while being obviously starstruck, despite all of Newgrounds bein' a big happy family and whatnot. I did get comfortable - pretty much at the aftershow portion though. What an amazing feeling though, would absolutely be on again, and I'm proud to call myself among the NG boys.

Years ago I had felt like I had missed out on the web game "hayday" online, making cool stuff and making a name for yourself online creatively. I learned Flash a little bit when I was younger but by the time I felt I could put out polished stuff, it was too late before Ruffle - Flash was dying. But all of this made me realize that infinite well of creativity online, doesn't matter your tool as long as you're comfortable using it to create - that well is still out there. Alive and very much well.


(In other news, my brother caved and joined Newgrounds himself! He's @PinkTopHat and he'll be posting his creative work and definitely will be collabing with me a lot since we're very close creative partners.)



Posted by Dungeonation - January 22nd, 2021


Flash Forward Jam

(Promo art by @zattdott)

Flash emulation with Ruffle is getting THAT good - which is why I wanted to help fund the prize pool for this game jam. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of brand new Flash games to celebrate the preservation efforts of interactive media dear to our hearts??

There's $2K in prizes on the line AND the deadline's been extended until the end of February, so I thought I'd make a lil' cheat sheet to incentivize people to MAKE SOMETHIN'! It doesn't even have to be extravagant, or a "game". Pico's School was made before Flash had variables!


For more advanced stuff, try the old ActionScript 2 documentation.

The only other roadblock I can think of is getting a copy of Flash that has ActionScript 2 (the only thing Ruffle supports right now). Well, my buddy Megacharlie has ya covered with his archive of old versions of Flash! See if you can't get a version running. I know CS5.5 works for me and has AS2 support!

When you upload your jam entry to Newgrounds, tag it with "flash-forward-jam" !!!

And don't forget to check off "Works with Ruffle emulation"! Kinda the whole point of the jam.

And yes, even though I kicked off the prize pool for this jam I had to take the excuse to make a lil' Flash game. Expect that soon! I know Tom Fulp + Jeff and PsychoGoldfish are making new Flash games for the jam for fun too. :D


February's gonna be exciting to see!!! Good luck, interweb creatives, and make crap like it's 1995 or somethin'!





Posted by Dungeonation - January 12th, 2021

Flash Player is officially discontinued and not supported in web browsers anymore. Windows has also surprised us via an update preventing Flash Player from being run on Windows anymore, rendering the Newgrounds Player temporarily broken.

I make this post even though Fulp already made a post on the site about all this, because I know people are gonna message me or comment on my games that run in NG Player bein' like:

"NG Player stopped working on your game what the crap?!"

If you'd like to temporarily get NG Player working again with a little wizardry, follow the Better Solution in this post (don't uninstall Windows updates unless you're a daredevil).

NG Player is also going to be updated to bypass this issue, and eventually far into the future Ruffle will support ActionScript 3 and we won't have a need for NG Player.

Keep on Flashin', kids.




Posted by Dungeonation - December 28th, 2020

I wanted to make an end of the year Newgrounds post, and put it off for a bit because the main talking point of it technically isn't finished. But after reading @Emrox 's The Sea of People, I was like "yeah this NG post was heading towards talking about life stuff, so I should just make this now".

My Christmas list this year hit a record low in terms of scope. It was only a couple things, most of which couldn't arrive in time for the 25th anyway. When you're young your wish list can get huge, usually. I remember a list hitting Page 6 for me one time. But I'm 20 years old now, and have had pretty consistent interests since I was young so I'd be content with never getting another Christmas present again.

But this year yielded a surprise present from family that'll never be able to be topped. And it feels less like "spoiled white middle class kid gets another doohickey" and more like an executive at a TV channel greenlighting a show with funds.

I present to you, the remodeled Dungeonation studio space.


The Good Mythical Morning poster was off the wall in this picture 'cuz it wasn't permenantly fastened to the wall yet. But here it is. Everything sans the computers and the piano keyboard is brand new. My desk is the one that doesn't have the computer on it yet (I'm moving my stuff onto it soon actually) and my brother's has the custom pink top hat lamp ('cuz his handle online is PinkTopHat lolol). In the middle is two microphones with sound dampening, and on my desk is a new mixer and rack for patches and the like for audio engineering. We also got a bunch of instrument mics and such so, we basically have the space to record and mix live music now too. This is something I've thought about for a while now, coming from a very musical area (New Jersey) and a very musical family.


Here's the new snack bar. This whole bar was NOT here in this little corner before. It's got cabinets, a mini fridge and a popcorn machine with lights above it. That light switch for said lights to the right there was also a new addition.

So now that I've shown off all this crap, you're probably thinking the thing that brings me to the next topic of this post:

Dungeon, what the hell do you wanna do with this space, and with your early life subsequently??

Well, my interests have always been several: Game creation, simple cartoon art/animation, music composition/engineering, and voice acting/singing. I know I just said it feels more like getting funding than being a spoiled brat, but I could be doing all of these things (maybe not the live music recording) with the desktop setup I've had already. I've stuck with these interests since I was little because it was, and still is an enjoyable escape from stress and anxiety issues and it produces stuff people can enjoy. Pre and post remodel of my space, I've been a pretty friggin' content dude. I didn't need Extreme Makeover Home Edition on my space, but it happened, and I'm humbled. So it's like, what ARE you gonna do now, me? You clearly only do this because you enjoy it and not for "the fame" or "the fortune" since you've kept at it despite so many setbacks and rejections, PLUS you've only just gotten your feet wet with making money off your abilities...

...For the stuff that isn't "keep making things", I have an outline in my head now that I have this studio space.

Make some oddjob money

I tried doing commissions for art and music briefly and it didn't go very well. I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this either, some creators I know are also very picky with what they want to create for money in those avenues. I'd like to be able to work past that in the future and be able to do that again, but what I know I can make some money off doing now, is audio engineering stuff. I've got friends and family who are in bands or dabble in music. I'll have to figure out pricing for that stuff 'cuz that's always loads of fun to do. Plus ya sell them on the space. They wanna do their album, podcast or single in the cool kid spaces. That's just human nature.

Know that my audience is young...and push the envelope

You're kidding yourself if you don't think that one of the main demographics of popular indie stuff is kids. In fact most of the recent fans I've scored are young and come from my presence in the Innersloth fandoms. They're also on Newgrounds, too, as I was at their age. I've always been naturally good with the youngins, probably because my childhood innocence was merely split in half for some reason. It's like I have a lens for both: an adult expectation and the youthful outlook on possibility. I like most of the stuff kids are into these days (exception: fortnite and tiktok though I understand the appeal) and I really don't believe in talking down to children, at all. In fact my main goal with my future work is to both push the envelope hard and be all-ages friendly as much as possible. A young family friend IRL introduced me to a Roblox game recently where you just blow people away or stab them across a table, for christ sake. (Breaking Point, it's called) Children know when you're talking down to them sometimes, and no matter WHAT you do some parent out there is gonna find some dumb reason to ban your work from their household. So might as well just appeal to most households, be a good influence and make some censors cry. Children can be dumb (I thought Newgrounds was the authoring tool for Flash content as a kid) but they're also not stupid.

Give Back

My contribution to the upcoming Flash Jam's prize pool was only the beginning.

(WOW this sounds pretentious)

Make the opportunities I wanted as a kid for others

I talked before about the in-progress Scratch to GameMaker converter I've been working on, Graze. It's a tool I would have KILLED for as a kid, because on the game-making side of things Scratch has limitations. But something else I thought to do now that I can, is try to become a youth indie publisher. I'm talking about the platforms younger people might have trouble with or not be old enough to do themselves, like Steam, app stores, paid games on sites like itch/gamejolt and some consoles maybe eventually. I also note this is kind of a niche but I doubt that some kid out there isn't gonna make an original game people are gonna want to play. I want to do this for at least one game because when I was younger, there were a lot of roadblocks and a LOT of rejection for such a bucket list thing. Most indie publishers I've shopped around to are picky with graphics or gameplay types (or both). I know I couldn't say yes to every game but to have someone really, truly care about your passion and what you're making regardless of the answer would mean everything to them. I know it would to me. (Graze would also help their chances if Scratch is all they're good at)

Of course there'd be the obvious contract with parents recieving the cut, with it going towards the kid's allowance or education or what have you. Not to mention the young of age creators who also aren't making a AAA looking or playing game but still have something worthwhile to put out in the world.

In Closing

I wanna goof around and help others goof around.

So what're your current projects?

There's the two Henry Stickmin fangames I'm on the team with, Attacking the Tower and Crashing the Casino. Ooh! And I'm currently trying to add NG Shared Content to Stickmin Creator. And of course, Graze. Very close to wrapping up Buddinpals for good (holidays got crazay) and well...who knows what else the future will hold. Really - you can't predict the future. Trust me, as a kid I've tried.

Hoping for a happy and vaccinated 2021 for everyone. :P

-Dungeon <3



Posted by Dungeonation - December 11th, 2020

It's this guy again! Wanted to talk about what I've been working on. And what I'm working on, is a Python tool that's very daunting but do-able. It's a tool I would have loved to have when I was younger, it's something I'm gonna use for an old games collection, and it's...


When I was around 6 to 7 years old my introduction to game programming was Scratch, an educational tool but powerful coding environment considering it's a buncha blocks you snap together to make things do things. You can make whatever you want within the confines of the program, and Scratch's FAQ states your creations with it are yours to sell or do as you please with. But to bring your work OUTSIDE of the program, you were very limited in functionality and still are. There's a bit of functionality that budding game developers comfortable with Scratch could benefit from...or COULD have benefitted from:

  • Save data for less arcade-style games
  • APIs for Newgrounds and GameJolt (etc), if you so desired
  • Exporting to devices other than PCs
  • [insert things other game dev software can do that Scratch can't]

With Graze, you run your .sb2 Scratch project file through the program and it reads your project's code, moves over the sprites and sounds and basically re-codes the game in GML as a GameMaker Studio 1.4 project file! Upon doing some digging around I found that all the code stored within a Scratch project is just stored in a .JSON file, making this conversion tool STUPIDLY easy. It's just a matter of re-creating each Scratch function in GameMaker from the ground up.

So far, the tool carries over the game's background sprites, and object sprites and sounds are next. Once that's all done it'll just be a matter of doing the re-coding code which I've like, started 1% on already and was the first thing I did. As such, Variables from the scratch project are also carried over, seen here:

(yes I later appended "global." to variables and "var_" to the names so they wouldn't conflict with GameMaker function names)


The tool's origins begin with @Megacharlie attempting to code such a tool in Lua and me immediately being like "zomg I need to see something like this exist". Eventually the project stagnated but once I figured out the JSON and GameMaker metadata heavy lifting, the project was back on and even Charlie's like "sweeeeeet" looking at my progress with it so far. So thanks Charlie, for making this happen.

Once it's finished I guess it'll go up on GitHub so stay tuuuned!

In other news my Flash game (emulated in Ruffle) Face It! got frontpaged on Newgrounds. Oh, and my game Buddinpals is going to update on Steam soon, release on itch, GameJolt and some app stores maybe, and double its price to $6. So get it on Steam while it's technically on sale and enjoy!! (note the update's gonna fix a crash that's in the game currently at Day 15 D:)

Finally the Henry Stickmin fangame Attacking the Tower I'm coding for is still going well - expect some animation teasers in 2021.

OK time to go play the Friday Night Funkin' update.

-Dungeon <3



Posted by Dungeonation - November 24th, 2020

iu_199390_5431202.jpgYo whassup! I have Newgrounds Supporter status now, which was a matter of time considering how much Newgrounds means to me. BUT! To the point of this news post, which the organizer of this collaboration Kejayco has ALSO made a Newgrounds post about.

Attacking the Tower is an upcoming fangame to the Henry Stickmin series by PuffballsUnited, and started a new creative team Strobe Interactive (though what else we will make together, nobody knows). The two main founders of the team are Kejayco (realjellybean) and Argus, two Innersloth Discord server moderators and overall cool people. Also on the team are Tomás FerrerLegoboy95bateBANE, and tandi!

I'm the programmer on the project, as well as helping with writing, original music and other stuff. It's a Flash game like the actual games and the art/animation style is trying to be faithful to the Henry Stickmin Collection style (and in my eyes, succeeding). Medals, Bios, a Map and quick-time events are confirmed. References are a given, and no we're not confirming any returning characters yet. It takes place between StD and ItA though it's ENTIRELY NON-CANON.

Hmmm, what else? We can promise at least one kinda-innovation in the Henry gameplay style, quite a few surprises and the game being around the size of Infiltrating the Airship. We're pretty much finished with writing it all and now are moving on to background work and animation and crap.

When can we expect it to release? 2021, probably. *le shrug*

But what I'm trying to say with this fat wall o' text is that you do NOT wanna miss this, as far as a faithful fangame and a love letter to the series and to almost Flash games in general, this is the real deal! I'm super excited to be a part of such a talented team and you're gonna love this. PuffballsUnited also gave us his blessing for the project after seeing some of it, so we cannot thank him enough for the support.

You can find us on the AtT GameJolt page I made and the official AtT Discord Server as well.

And before ya go, recently I released a cute lil' puzzle game to Newgrounds called Face It! that I used one of Kejayco's songs for, and as a sort-of side thing to Attacking the Tower, I made the Stickmin Creator for making your own Henry Stickmin OCs.